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Take a deep breath & relax while you vacation and explore a new approach to self-care. During your stay you will have access to guided self healing tools like a sage bundle, holistic teas, Earthing pad, books, bath salts & Silver Lining’s tiny rituals that prepare you to look inward. Before each guest the space is cleared, blessed and prepared for you.

Customize your retreat experience by adding enhancements or local guides.


In August of 2014 I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, a mother of two small children and a wife with a career. We are all faced with adversity that seems insurmountable, however it was through my struggles with limited options in our western medicine that I discovered the power of self-healing tools, techniques, nutrition and determination to find my silver lining.

This space is created to assist you in finding your silver lining. Our paths and life lessons are unique, choose from a range of guided services or relax and focus on your own power with the tools provided for your stay. Email us directly to inquire about adding on a variety of services to enhance your experience.



A first of it’s kind OPUS Sound Bed that is an immersive sound and vibration experience. (May 2024)

MARQUIS Seven man Hot tub, includes 4 specialized seats: *DEEP-TISSUE *RELAXATION *SHIATSU * SWEDISH Their new V-O-L-T System, Starlight LED multi color accent lighting. Introducing MicroSilk! Using MicroSilk is like giving your entire body an oxygen facial. MicroSilk helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and may relieve symptoms of certain skin conditions. Billions of oxygen microbubbles penetrate deeply into skin pores and hair follicles to remove impurities and promote blood circulation and hydration, leaving your skin refreshed and rejuvenated. (Offered only at Sunset Lodge Spring 2024)

Tay Tea in Dehi NY

Journey to our local exquisite tea master blender Nini Ordoubadi, she is a third generation of a tea blending family.  Enjoy an afternoon tasting or request an event with your interests in mind.  View their past events & tastings that can be customized for your group at Taytea.com. Silver linings will create a simple ritual for your group to share after your visit. We are sure you won’t leave there empty handed!


Psychic Medium Danette Catinella 

Psychic medium Danette Catinella can communicate with your spirit guides, and loved ones who have passed.  Services include guided meditation, private or group readings.  Visit the Facebook Page to Contact Danette to reserve her for your retreat.

Craft night

Grab your favorite wine and friends as you enjoy your own private craft night hosted by Bonnie Mae!  All materials supplied and led by Bonnie.  Email her directly for more info and to book your night of fun. Email Bonnie Mae at shescraftea@gmail.com/

Sacred Ceremonies

Every day we are living in daily rituals we’ve created for ourselves, however are they positive? Do you keep attracting the same outcome or experiences and wonder why this keeps happening to you?

Sacred ceremonies are rituals that help guide you through the uncomfortable times or brings focus on what needs attention in your life. Their purpose has a variety of reasons but what they hold in common is the incredible power you feed them that can transform your daily existence.

Whether you’re new to participating in a ceremony or have experience, Silver Linings rituals are easy to follow and can be created to dive deeper into the mysteries. Choose from a list of topics or email Chrissy Bridger to custom create one specific to your group.

SHIFTING RELATIONS Ritual helps bring attention to your negative thought patterns that is creating negative relationships and guides you through steps to shift your focus into creating positive outcomes.

WOMEN’S CIRCLES Ritual outlines the basics to help you create and run your own women’s circle. This is a two step process during your stay. First Chrissy will meet with you and group to gather information and demonstrate running a circle based on your choices. Second step is offering support for that someone from your group to lead your next circle. Materials will be provided to take home.

MOURNING Ritual is to help those who are struggling with loss of a loved one, depression or struggling with something else. This is a customized ritual that requires contacting Chrissy with your needs before your arrival.

For more information on any listed or customization for your group, contact email chrissy@silverlinings-healing.com.

Hands on Healing


Need space for your own event or party? Email us directly to reserve either booking for a few hours or a few days at stay@oldworldvillage.biz.

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